Voita Scribus-kirja itsellesi tai yhteisöllesi edelleenjaettavaksi. Suomenkielisessä blogissani, Hiiop, on käynnissä kilpailu, jonka palkintona on uuden karheita Scribus-kirjoja. Kilpailu kirjoista päättyy 14.6. ja on avoinna kaikille, joille kirjan voi lähettää Suomessa sijaitsevaan osoitteeseen.

Lue lisää kilpailusta…

In the words of immortal John Lennon  “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, better. A little better all the time”. We have had another good Summer of Code. I am happy because of the wonderful people I get to hang around. Our mentors this year were very good; our students were enthusiastic and diligent; Google was generous; and the weather was fantastic despite the alleged global warming. All three of our students were from Germany this year – don’t ask me why it happened, but I have virtually no complaints. In one case personal life interfered, so not 100% of the goals were reached, but that’s hardly a problem as the person is continuing to contribute to Scribus. So, we now have a picture browser, a uniconverter plugin, and the last but definitely not least and being my favorite project – a new Python scripter engine. Since we are getting closer to the 1.3.5 release and are more keen on stabilizing the code then on bringing in more features, our users will not see the added functionality immediately, but it’s there and is working in experimental builds. So, congratulations to all those involved – our hard-working students Henning, Hermann, and Markus, our wonderful mentors Jean, Cedric, and Peter and Google GSoC people Leslie, Chris, Kat, and Ellen who really made this project happen.


Scribus Team’s GSoC 2008 administrator

I have not ranted a lot but lately the situation has been changing. I have started a new blog at http://tsoots.blogspot.com/ where my intention is to write articles, tutorials and news items in Finnish about free graphics applications. There is no doubt that Scribus will be the most covered one.

Hiiop, Blogi vapaista grafiikkaohjelmista

Hiiopissa kommentoidaan viimeisimpiä uutisia vapailta grafiikkamarkkinoilta. Ohjelmia, jotka näille markkinoille kuuluvat ovat mm. Scribus, Fontmatrix ja Inkscape. Kommenttien lisäksi alan julkaista lyhykäisiä ohjeita kyseisille ohjelmille.

Blogi löytyy osoitteesta: http://tsoots.blogspot.com/

Well folks the game is on. It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have been accepted into the wonderful Google Summer of Code program for the
second time. My thanks go to all the people from the team and the larger Scribus Community who were involved in preparation of our application and especially
to those who volunteered to be Mentors and Backup Admins. Their names are already immortalized in the wiki team application page history and on our
application page if you’d like to know our heroes.


We are listing some of ours and accepting your ideas for GSoC projects in our
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/GsoC_2008_Ideas wiki. Contact me or other
people on Scribus GSoC 2008 Team to get your wiki login and create a proposed
project page in our wiki starting with the
template we provide. Create your proposal/info page as a child of
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/GSoC_2008_Student_Proposals. An example
student information and proposal page is provided at

Closest timeline milestones for students:
* You should get involved in preparing your application, appearing in #scribus
and on the mailing list, talking to us, discussing your ideas and the proposed
project with us and interested members of the Scribus community as soon as
possible. I mean it. Don’t wait for the last day or there just won’t be enough
time for us to get to know you and to consider your proposal. We want to
help you have a fun and profitable summer, so don’t be shy with us.
* Student application period opens on March 24th at ~12 noon PDT/19:00 UTC.
* You and our GSoC team must be on the same page in relation to your project
proposal between now and the March 31st Student application deadline at 5:00
PM PDT/00:00 UTC April 1, 2008, but the closer you get to the deadline the
more difficult it will be, so don’t wait too long.

Happy Google Summer to all involved!

Oleksandr (Alex.) Moskalenko
Scribus Team’s GSoC 2008 administrator

During the release party for Jean Ghali one of our quietest but steadiest developers (he’s slaughtered a mountain of bugs in 1.3.3.x), noticed that we were about to pass our millionth download on Sourceforge. Which got me thinking…

A million downloads for a project like Scribus. What is the significance ? What does that tell us ?

The technical part: Just shy of 20TB of data. Or looking at the rough averages currently, one person downloading a copy of Scribus every two minutes or so. Two years ago when we started hosting our downloads on Sourceforge we averaged 4.5Gb of data. Now we’re getting close to 2TB some months and the trend is steadily upward.

Moreover, those numbers are actually lower than reality when you consider it only counts downloads of Scribus after 1.2.something and we host a lot of binaries on the OpenSuse Build Server and we also have a separate Debian/Ubuntu repository. Lastly, almost every Linux distro includes Scribus by default.

So, where does that leave us ? What does it tell us ? The plain numbers are kind of dull and boring, but what it represents in the bigger scheme of things is that a complete and very healthy ecosystem has evolved in the area of Free and Open Source graphics applications. You can do serious professional grade publishing reliably using only open source tools.

When Scribus was started there was GIMP and a then sometimes rough on the edges Ghostscript, but not much else. No Inkscape, no Krita, no Fontforge, a dearth of decent professional grade fonts and very few which were really capable beyond Latin and CJK languages. Font managment plain sucked. Keith P. will go to heaven if only for making fontconfig and thus font installation sane on *nix. Early Scribus had all kinds of hacks and code just to find fonts, not any kind of sanity checking or other goodness we can now do with Freetype2.

Which leads us to today, where we can see GIMP getting GEGL and its long promised deep color spaces. Krita2 in a short few months will have a lot of goodness Scribus users will really groove on (and it might be really running stable on Windows.) Inkscape is making its first baby steps in adding color managment and they are really trying to make it work perfectly for Scribus downstream. Lprof, the color profile maker now is cross platform and is getting hardware support for pro grade colorometers.

Even better is the community of people who have emerged around Scribus and other FLOSS graphics apps. We have things like Fontmatrix which I ranted about earlier popping up out of nowhere to complete the scenery. LGM 1 and 2 were great and I fully expect LGM3 to meet or exceed them.

What that million means is are now enjoying what was just something we could only dream of when Scribus 0.2 (~ 150 downloads) was so modestly launched in 2001.

Today marks a big achievement in the development of Scribus 1.3.5. As of now, we no longer use Qt3 or its support classes. YAY. A big job – one that started out as very simple but right at the end took awhile to get finalised. Its a nice feeling to have that sorted and now we can get on with stabilising the other changes and heading towards a release (not imminent, but approaching at least).

Finally we made it online with a blog. Well, everyone else is doing it. Time to have our say to all the people who might bother to read it.