This is that time of year again. The wonderful folks at Google have announced ( that they were running their Summer of Code program again. We at the Scribus Team are quite excited about it in part as one of the two newest additions to our group Hermann Kraus has made his way in through the excellent work he did for us during GSoC 2007 and in part because we had such a great time of it last year. This is a terrific program that brings innumerable benefits to the Open Source ecosystem. We are hoping to be a part of this process this year as well, so we are working on our application and are soliciting ideas for potential GSoC 2008 Scribus Team projects from the larger Scribus Community in our wiki at Let the summer of fun and learning begin!

Scribus Team got two project slots for Google Summer of Code 2007. We had 7 applications and coming up with two selections really wasn’t easy. I’d like to thank all students who applied to the program whether selected or not. You guys make it fun. The selected projects are Imposition plugin, which is our number 1 user requested feature addition, and Math Support. The students who are going to be working on these projects are Mateusz Haligowski and Hermann Kraus. Mentors for these projects are Riku Leino (Tsoots) and Andreas Vox (Avox) with assistance from other dev. team members, of course.
Let’s get the coding going and hopefully everybody invoved will have a fun summer!
Oh, and don’t forget the cool T-Shirts!

Here is my chance as the primary program administrator to break out the good news. As of today we are in the GSoC 2007 program. Prospective student GSoC developers are encouraged to check out our ideas page and start working on their GSoC plan. See End-to-end Publishing Solution plan for a first example. Of course, every prudent student will make themselves thoroughly acquainted with the Advice for Students GSoC page and proceed according to the guidelines. By the way, if your idea is great, but somehow is not on our ideas page then head straight over to the Blue Sky section of our GSoC ideas page and add your own. Be sure to make your appearance on our mailing list and in IRC #scribus on freenode to make our acquaintance and to start working towards finding a mentor. I (malex) and prokoudine – our backup administrator – will be responsible for organizing the process. So, get going, have fun, and be happy!

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