Voita Scribus-kirja itsellesi tai yhteisöllesi edelleenjaettavaksi. Suomenkielisessä blogissani, Hiiop, on käynnissä kilpailu, jonka palkintona on uuden karheita Scribus-kirjoja. Kilpailu kirjoista päättyy 14.6. ja on avoinna kaikille, joille kirjan voi lähettää Suomessa sijaitsevaan osoitteeseen.

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Send email to the developer(s) of your favorite Free Software applications on March 27th and tell them how you use the software and how much you appreciate the hard work they do.

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I have not ranted a lot but lately the situation has been changing. I have started a new blog at http://tsoots.blogspot.com/ where my intention is to write articles, tutorials and news items in Finnish about free graphics applications. There is no doubt that Scribus will be the most covered one.

Hiiop, Blogi vapaista grafiikkaohjelmista

Hiiopissa kommentoidaan viimeisimpiä uutisia vapailta grafiikkamarkkinoilta. Ohjelmia, jotka näille markkinoille kuuluvat ovat mm. Scribus, Fontmatrix ja Inkscape. Kommenttien lisäksi alan julkaista lyhykäisiä ohjeita kyseisille ohjelmille.

Blogi löytyy osoitteesta: http://tsoots.blogspot.com/

Last year I was fortunate enough to be one of the coders COSS hired to code for an open source project. My project of choice was Scribus. Now it’s your turn. COSS is extending the deadline for Kesäkoodi 2007 applications. So if you think you can fill in their requirements submit your application to COSS. If you would like to apply but don’t know what to do you can always contact me at [riku ät scribus dot info] for ideas (my ideas will be Scribus related). I’ll be happy to work as your mentor in a Scribus related project.

From KK2007 FAQ:

WTH is this?

COSS and a number of companies are hiring students to code in open source projects.

And it works actually how?

Here’s it short: The hacker first chooses an intresting open source project in which she / he is willing to contribute in and preferably consults a representative of the project about a suitable programming task. Based on this, the hacker will then create a project for her/himself, makes a project plan and sends an application to Summercode 2007. A panel consisting of representatives of FILOSI universities and institutes will pick the finalists, see criteria. Finalists can correct and polish their plans and make a throughout and short presentation of it for the final, where the representatives of funders will pick the chosen hackers, who’ll be announced shortly after the event. The summer is reserved for hacking and documenting and the fee is paid monthly if the project is advancing as planned.

Yesterday was the first day of Kesäkoodi 2006 which allows me to drop off my regular (sometimes boring) summer time job as a train driver and lets me concentrate fully on Scribus. Thanks to HKL they made it possible for me to keep my train driving license (so I’ll be still able to work there next summer if nothing else will be found) and accepted the three months off I was asking. Whether or not I’ll be driving metro next summer remains to be seen but I hope to find something that involves a bit more coding then too.

I applied to Kesäkoodi 2006 with a project that includes a new get text api. This will be needed because the work Andreas is doing with the new layout system will break the old one. It also gives me a possibility to improve the system. My plan is to extend the current api to include two types of plugins, file format plugins and text/style plugins. After these core modules are done I’ll be also implementing three plugins during the three months time I’ll have (and later more I hope). These three plugins include an improved ODT importer, RTF importer and text and style filter plugin. I’ve added a Kesäkoodi metabug to the bug tracker where it’s possible to read the outline of the project and see my progress as closed bugs.

Few other Scribus related things I’ll be doing during the summer along with the KK2006 include a new Style editor and a new layout for our palettes (at least for the Properties Palette). I’ve also started to translate Inkscape into Finnish and hope to finish it during the three months I’m paid to code Scribus. It’s our sister project after all.

First day went by me cleaning up the office. Must say it always feels larger project than it really is. In a clean office I’ll be definitely more productive. That’s for sure.