The Summer of Code 2012 is on!

We are happy to announce that the Scribus Team has been accepted into the illustrious Google Summer of Code program once again. It’s an honor to be a part of the premier Open Source hackathon that has many talented students from around the World work on the Open Source software, get noticed, improve their skills, contribute code, become a part of the community, and get paid by Google for doing it. We’re also hoping that someone might want to stick around and become a part of the team.

Right now we have three mentors. We’re always looking for more mentors and backup mentors. If you ever hacked on Scribus code please go ahead and apply at the GSoC 2012 site.


Student application period will open up on March 26th. Prospective students should already be working through the requirement list and getting acquainted with the development team and the Scribus Community.

Godspeed and have tons of fun. The Summer of Code is awaiting.