I just paid the occasional visit to our download page on Sourceforge, and something seems to have escaped my attention earlier: We have become millionaires! Well, at least download millionaires, as our stable 1.3.3.x has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times since we made Scribus available on SF c. two years ago.

Not bad for a niche program, isn’t it? And these are only the files available via Sourceforge (i.e., the 1.3.3.x installers for Windows and OS/2, as well as the source code). You also have to add Scribus installations via Linux/BSD/UNIX package management or the OS X versions that can be installed via Fink.

Now, if Scribus received one Euro (or at least one US $) per download, the Scribus developers could consider to retire early, given the current download rate 😉