In the words of immortal John Lennon  “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, better. A little better all the time”. We have had another good Summer of Code. I am happy because of the wonderful people I get to hang around. Our mentors this year were very good; our students were enthusiastic and diligent; Google was generous; and the weather was fantastic despite the alleged global warming. All three of our students were from Germany this year – don’t ask me why it happened, but I have virtually no complaints. In one case personal life interfered, so not 100% of the goals were reached, but that’s hardly a problem as the person is continuing to contribute to Scribus. So, we now have a picture browser, a uniconverter plugin, and the last but definitely not least and being my favorite project – a new Python scripter engine. Since we are getting closer to the 1.3.5 release and are more keen on stabilizing the code then on bringing in more features, our users will not see the added functionality immediately, but it’s there and is working in experimental builds. So, congratulations to all those involved – our hard-working students Henning, Hermann, and Markus, our wonderful mentors Jean, Cedric, and Peter and Google GSoC people Leslie, Chris, Kat, and Ellen who really made this project happen.


Scribus Team’s GSoC 2008 administrator