One of the things we have always been quite proud of is the community which has developed around Scribus: the lively and flame free mailing list, the busy and accessable IRC channel on and not least the number of user contributions to the wiki, templates and other sample files.

We have never called for financial support for Scribus before. Now we are. There is a simple and easy way to help, not just the Scribus Team, but all the other free and open source graphics applications you probably use with Scribus. Collectively, we and the other teams have organized a community fund drive to help sponsor the costs of the Libre Graphics Meeting.

The Libre Graphics Meeting brings together developers and users of free software graphics applications, such as the GIMP,Inkscape, Scribus, Blender, Krita, the Open Clipart Library and more. For the first time, we are asking the community to help support this meeting.

What is the Libre Graphics Meeting?

In its third edition, the organization needs your help! You can support your favorite graphics application, and ensure that the travel costs of as many volunteer developers as possible are paid to ensure that this edition of the conference is as successful that its predecessors. The conference is May 8 – 11 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Where will the money go?

We have kept costs associated with infrastructure to a minimum. Over 80% of the conference budget will be spent on subsidizing travel and accommodation costs for developers. $20K is the goal to raise by Friday April 18! Already over $ 7000 has been raised in a just a short few days, which is humbling to see so much support so quickly. But our goal has not been reached yet and you can help.

So how does it help Scribus ?

For the team, it is the most important venue for us in the year. It allows us to collaborate with face to face, both as a team and with other teams. A couple of concrete examples:

At the first LGM, Marty Maria of Littlecms gave an excellent overview of color management use for developers. One of the issues we were struggling with was occasional crashes with non-conforming color profiles which were difficult to prevent. During a side session a couple of Scribus developers walked through how Scribus was using littlecms and Marti pointed out some special error checking code he had added to littlecms. He guided us on enabling it and a few days later Scribus now had the “self-defense” code to prevent bad profiles from causing a crash. When the Lprof developers were having the same kind of issue, we pointed them to the new code in Scribus which solved the issue.

During LGM2, we had some informal late night discussions with some Inkscape developers on the importance to add color management into Inkscape. We talked through some of the challenges and also walked through where we could improve SVG import. Since then, Inkscape has made its first foray into color management and Scribus has a more capable SVG importer.

These face to face meets, as we have learned, are vitally important to accelerate the progress of development, which in the end means better applications for everyone. 🙂

So how does it work ?

Simply go the Pledgie Page for LGM and make your contribution.

A non-profit organization

All donations will be made to the conference organizers via the GNOME Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax exempt US-based non-profit, so donations will be tax deductible for US taxpayers. We would like to thank the GNOME Foundation for their support.

Thanks for your support!