Well folks the game is on. It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have been accepted into the wonderful Google Summer of Code program for the
second time. My thanks go to all the people from the team and the larger Scribus Community who were involved in preparation of our application and especially
to those who volunteered to be Mentors and Backup Admins. Their names are already immortalized in the wiki team application page history and on our
application page if you’d like to know our heroes.


We are listing some of ours and accepting your ideas for GSoC projects in our
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/GsoC_2008_Ideas wiki. Contact me or other
people on Scribus GSoC 2008 Team to get your wiki login and create a proposed
project page in our wiki starting with the
template we provide. Create your proposal/info page as a child of
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/GSoC_2008_Student_Proposals. An example
student information and proposal page is provided at

Closest timeline milestones for students:
* You should get involved in preparing your application, appearing in #scribus
and on the mailing list, talking to us, discussing your ideas and the proposed
project with us and interested members of the Scribus community as soon as
possible. I mean it. Don’t wait for the last day or there just won’t be enough
time for us to get to know you and to consider your proposal. We want to
help you have a fun and profitable summer, so don’t be shy with us.
* Student application period opens on March 24th at ~12 noon PDT/19:00 UTC.
* You and our GSoC team must be on the same page in relation to your project
proposal between now and the March 31st Student application deadline at 5:00
PM PDT/00:00 UTC April 1, 2008, but the closer you get to the deadline the
more difficult it will be, so don’t wait too long.

Happy Google Summer to all involved!

Oleksandr (Alex.) Moskalenko
Scribus Team’s GSoC 2008 administrator