Storing documents in text, in XML, in Scribus to be exact, is a really cool thing. Let me show you a real life example.

I’d received a request for help with the Short Words plugin within Scribus last week. What the Short Words plugin does is explained here. Well, it was really more a bug report than a request. One of Scribus users was trying to apply Czech Short Words with no success. He tried doing the usual MS Windows troubleshooting dance: login, log off, reinstall, bay at the moon, perform ancient Pagan rituals, reset the preferences etc., but the plugin would not work at all.

“OK,” I said to myself, “time to utilize my l33t sk1lz.” So after hours of eating chocolate pies and some more cookies I found it. He set document and all text frames as English, so the plugin was looking for Czech words and finding nothing.

So. How to change all those text frames from English to Czech? He could iterate over hundreds of text frames manually madly clicking with his mouse for hours.

More wisely, he could open the document with his favorite text editor or do a search and replace all occurrences of required strings in one second. 🙂 Can you do that in your InDesign?