This is just a quick update of the ongoing LGM2 in Montreal. Some last minute complications prevented all the Scribus team members from being here, but LGM2 has been an excellent meet so far. In brief:

  • We have announced the latest release of, 1.3.4 and the first public demo of 1.3.5, the port of Scribus to Qt4. The port is not complete, but Scribus compiles, loads documents and runs under Qt 4.2. Packages and source will available soon.
  • We saw Raphael from LeTigre give an excellent talk about how LeTigre has been produced using 100% FLOSS graphics applications.
  • The Krita developers give a well organized talk about the future of their painting/image editing application.
  • Louis Soares-Potts gave a presentation about the importance of Open Document format. We had a very interesting conversation about how ODF is used with Scribus and how we can better use ODF for not only import, but export for some use case our future plans with ODF.
  • The GIMP team has shown up en masse and we have had a bit more time to chat together informally. I hear the gimp developers want gimp 2.4 be out very very soon.

This list is far from complete and more to come…. Montreal has been a great host city.