April 2007

Scribus Team got two project slots for Google Summer of Code 2007. We had 7 applications and coming up with two selections really wasn’t easy. I’d like to thank all students who applied to the program whether selected or not. You guys make it fun. The selected projects are Imposition plugin, which is our number 1 user requested feature addition, and Math Support. The students who are going to be working on these projects are Mateusz Haligowski and Hermann Kraus. Mentors for these projects are Riku Leino (Tsoots) and Andreas Vox (Avox) with assistance from other dev. team members, of course.
Let’s get the coding going and hopefully everybody invoved will have a fun summer!
Oh, and don’t forget the cool T-Shirts!

You know how it is, idly chatting in #scribus, compiling a little, surfing here and there… and suddenly you want to know the distance from Montreal (site of LGM2 ) to Victoria (site of FOSS4G 2007 ). Nothing as easy as that, just ask Google Maps for directions and it’ll give you the km number for free. Unfortunately there are quite a lot of Victorias around the world, so you have to choose the correct one (in British Columbia). But seeing other locations listed, from Texas to Australia, you obviously try some more, just for the fun of it (maps.google.com sadly only offers destinations on the North-American continent). Ok, no route to Victoria, Australia, nor to Victora, Seychellen — not really surprising.
The distance to Victoria, Texas is even shorter than to Victoria, BC, that’s a (small) surprise. But now: Google Maps Deutschland does have a route to Victoria, UK. Yippee!

google-map-montreal-victoria.png(click to enlarge)

Of course you wonder how to take the longer, middle leg of this journey, but — don’t fear! — Google Maps Deutschland has a solution in its itinerary for that, too. Read for yourself. 😀


P.S. And here’s what we really need: the route from Lyon to Montreal (this time in English language):