Here is my chance as the primary program administrator to break out the good news. As of today we are in the GSoC 2007 program. Prospective student GSoC developers are encouraged to check out our ideas page and start working on their GSoC plan. See End-to-end Publishing Solution plan for a first example. Of course, every prudent student will make themselves thoroughly acquainted with the Advice for Students GSoC page and proceed according to the guidelines. By the way, if your idea is great, but somehow is not on our ideas page then head straight over to the Blue Sky section of our GSoC ideas page and add your own. Be sure to make your appearance on our mailing list and in IRC #scribus on freenode to make our acquaintance and to start working towards finding a mentor. I (malex) and prokoudine – our backup administrator – will be responsible for organizing the process. So, get going, have fun, and be happy!