This afternoon and tonight, I had a chance to thoroughly beat up on a very recent snapshot Krita 1.6svn 🙂

What I wanted to see was if I could at last do simple RGB to CMYK conversions and

  • Avoid diving to the command line.
  • Would be usable and understandable for mere mortals who are not color management geeks.
  • Do this in simple 1,2,3 steps that could be explained to Scribus users for reliable transforms from RGB into CMYK.
  • Display reliably in Scribus what would end up coming out of commercial printer.

Krtia succeeded with flying colors.

Now, with Krita 1.6 installed you can take any decent RGB jpeg, png, PSD or tiff open it and convert it to CMYK and then safely, reliably save it as a CMYK TIFF which then imports into Scribus without a fuss. My first tests show that the images in the PDF’s exported look exactly like the original RGB jpeg and PSD files I opened in Krita. As close I get when doing the same in PS6.
The official announcement awaits, but it should be out and available packages soon.

I’ll rant more later about the details 😉
This is a huge step for open source graphics. Huge.