Well, we said CMake rocks, but after the time we have used it, we have generally come to like it. So far it has provided our escape we wanted, and given us more flexibility and ease of build system modification. A generally good experience all round you could say.

Well thats all very nice, technically, but this post is just a big thank you to the CMake team that have helped me with the migration task, and in more recent times, quick fixes into CMake, and fixes into our CMake setup. I had made some mistakes initially and it wasn’t until this week that I had time to track it down as discrepancies between building here and on other devs’ machines didn’t make sense. You know… clean checkout, clean build of CMake and Scribus… builds fine here. Same clean versions on another box… splat. In the end, it was a mistake in my code and the CMake guys spent the time to find it… simply outstanding support. Another vote from me goes their way.