Two days ago I filed issue #4000 on Scribus’s bug tracker. 🙂
I also wanted to file #3000 but mrdocs beat me on that this January.
Ugh? Another 1000 bugs in merely six months??

Yep. This shows that the Scribus project is not only active at the development front but also has people who care about its quality and keep track of issues. Fortunately, most of these 1000 new bugs are already closed:

Another diagram shows that the majority of issues are feature requests or minor issues:

Currently there are only 116 unresolved issues with severity major, block or crash. So what happens to issues which get resolved? While we also have resolutions like “no change required” and “won’t fix”, most issues get fixed:

Which shows we are not only working hard, but we’ve also got the statistics to prove it! 😉 For those who are interested in more statistics, they should check out the “Summary” and “Advanced summary” sections at
Keep on feeding us those bugs, we love it!