Layer transparency revisited

Today i have something for the ones who are waiting impatiently for the new layer transparency features, the first screenshots of them ever.

For those who want to have this now on their own systems let me tell that this is highly experimental. First you need to check out the latest cairo version with git and have to patch the file cairo-features.h that it reports a cairo version 1.1.8. Second you need the very latest Scribus-1.3.4cvs sources.

But the results are very promising now, i only have to solve some minor on screen mispaintings. Working on this was also very good in another area of Scribus: the PDF-Export. I was able to fix the longstanding issue that RGB PDF files with transparency showed up in Acrobat Reader 7 with wrong colours.

And now for the pictures:


Two layers, the stars are on the top layer, which has the “Difference” mode assigned

And another feature that is utterly wanted by some people:

An Overprint Preview on screen

overprint1.png overprint2.png
The on screen preview The same with the regular postscript preview